In response to request

I am doing this, since, there have been a few requests regarding the Gentoo colors screenshot a few posts earlier. To have the same setup, you need the colors and a matching vim theme. Lets get to the colors first.

Click on the link for the colors.

Gentoo Colors

Now, the vim theme. Enable 256 color support for best results.

Gentoo Vim Theme


4 comments on “In response to request

  1. Hey, many thanks for the colors!
    I’ve been lurking around your blog for a time, and I can say I’ve been inspired by you and your screenshots to use tiling WM, and get interested to BSD Unix, and I can say proudly now that I’m using OpenBSD now (after trying with FreeBSD before…)

    So well, nothing to say here except that it’s good to hear (or read) of you in this time, and well, get well soon!
    Thanks again!

    • This is the best compliment that I could ever receive. Thanks a lot for your kind words mate. I am glad you made the switch, and I am sure you will love it. Welcome to the brotherhood. And thanks again for your visit.

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