So, the day began pretty badly. Could sleep well in the new, well furnished room. I accidentally pushed my Batman DC statue and it fell to the ground. The ears were broken. I broke Bats’ freaking ears! Feel terrible. Thank God, I have a second same action figure at home. But still, felt awful.

When I feel awful, I dig either Physics or read comics. But we had a full schedule on hands, hence, was occupied until 15hrs. Then I decided that the best way to forget the incident is by visiting the local comic book store. Just came back from the store. Ordered Knightfall, Deluxe Edition, No Man’s Land, also Deluxe and Batman – Black Mirror (It is one of the top ten Batman comics you should ever read!). You see, I am not a big fan of Bane stories in Batman, except for a very few comics. Knightfall, where Batman gets his back broken is one of my few favorites. I found the comic book in the store! I had been looking for this for quite sometime now. Finding original US  comics in Germany ain’t that easy. So, I was pretty happy to find it. Sort of compensated for the crappy way the day had begun.

So, I present to you, Knightfall 11 – The Breaking of The Batman. The comic book smells real good! On a related note, The Dark Knight Rises is inspired by Knightfall 11 and also No Man’s Land. In No Man’s Land, there is chaos in Gotham City after an earthquake and Bats and GCPD work real hard to bring order to Gotham. It’s a fantastic book.

Anyway, lets get to the showcase. Click for full view.

Prized Possession

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