Trust No One!

The Truth is out here!

Not really. Just the unforgettable quote from one my all time favorite TV shows of all time, The X Files. I was in my 11th grade when the show aired in India. Every Sunday was a celebration, when it came on air. I spent a lot of time researching areas covered by the episodes. It was also the main reason why I took such a big interest in paranormal phenomena. I am thankful though, that I based my research on facts, unlike many charlatans who are only full of hot air!

Anyway, I am wearing a T shirt today as a tribute to X Files. It’s a famous X Files T shirt. I printed the same quote myself and it is one of my prized possessions. The quote says, “Draft Mulder and Scully, we need the truth!”. How true!

Click on the image for full view.


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