The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

I am now gonna talk about a book that is perhaps one of the most important books to have ever come out in the last five years. Yes, it is The Princeton Companion to Mathematics. I have met so many people so far, who hate math with a passion. I have never understood that. Math is the language of nature and without it, we would not have come thus far. It is the most beautiful language ever. I believe that Math was always there and we just had to find it. Advancement in civilization and technology go hand in hand with development in Math.

This book is an absolute gem. It gives an overview of mathematics and features contributions from grand masters of Mathematics. It is a must read for anyone who is even marginally interested in Math. It features a lot of interesting stories about every area of Math and many many anecdotes. Trust me, this will be the most important book you will ever read in a long time to come. Features more than 1000 pages of absolute brilliance and beauty. Now wonder, why this book it won the Euler Book Prize last year.

I bought this book last year and also own a digital version. You have to own the hard copy, as it is equally important like Bhagvad Gita. Would you rather own those classics as books or simply pdf’s? Think about it. Nevertheless, if some students are unable to buy this book right now, you can always have the digital version.

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