Showcase Wallpaper and More

Now that I am back in a secure, faster network, I can post the wallpaper as promised. As mentioned earlier, the picture was taken at Bell Labs in New Jersey. The year was 1966. It was taken by the photographer Elliott Erwitt. The picture is full of win and awesomeness, if you ask me. Anyway, click on the thumbnail for full view.

Bell Labs - New Jersey - 1966 by Elliott Erwitt

You can go here for more.

On a related note, you guys are probably familiar with Intel Museum. It gives you a fascinating view of life and research at Intel during the early years. If I travel to the States, visiting the museum will be right on top of my priority list. Look at one of the pictures from the archives. How awesome is this? Miniskirts FTW! It’s like Star Trek Yeoman’s, only this time in all white ensemble. Click on the picture to go to gizmodo for an article about Intel fashion scene then.

Miniskirts are the bomb!

I particularly like one comment over there at gizmodo. Grindhouse Murders commented that she is Snooki’s mom! LOL!

8 comments on “Showcase Wallpaper and More

  1. When you know what it is then it’s fun, but when I first saw the top one I thought “insane experiments on mentally unstable patients” or something in those lines. xD

    • Hi Don,
      It is so nice to see a comment from someone like you. Honestly, apart from Erwitt’s portfolio from the website that I had linked in the post, I have no idea about the details. May I ask when you worked there? I will try to find more info. Thanks for NY Times link. I am heading there pronto and I will put a word out on my blog as well. Thanks for the visit mate.

      • I was at Bell Labs from 1985-2002. Actually a lot of alumni are scratching their heads over the photo. Probably it got a spurious label at some point (I see that the Wallpaper site calls it “Bell Lab”) and it propagated. Cheers,

      • Thanks for the information. I will tell you the chain of events that led me to the wallpaper. Probably a year ago, I used a wallpaper scraper to look for creepy B/W wallpapers. That’s how I found it. I did some digging about the picture and that led me to Elliot Erwitt’s portfolio. I posted a screenshot ages ago in various UNIX/Linux forums and questions cropped up. That’s why I posted it here in the blog as well. Honestly, I have no ideas as to who actually first uploaded the wallpaper form somewhere or just how long it has been available online. If, even Bell Labs alumni couldn’t confirm it, then you might be right with the whole propogation thing. But, the NY Times article is the first place where I ever saw the colored version. Thanks again for your visit.

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