Dweep X11 Font – Mod of Neep

This is my second font release. I call it dweep. No particular reason for the name though. I took the amazing Neep font from Jim Knoble, which is one of the favorite fonts of programmers, and modified a few characters, namely, “a”, “i”, “f”. May be some more, but it eludes me at the moment.

I did this specifically for my netbook. Small enough and readable at the standard EEE resolution. As usual, I have updated my github with this font. You can get it from there. Just click on the image to directly go to my github page.

Dweep - Mod of Jim Knoble's Neep Font

Posting an old screenshot with the font in action on my OpenBSD powered netbook. Gives you an idea as to how it looks on a dark background. Click on the image for full view.

OpenBSD 4.8 + EEE 1000H + Dweep Font

I will release another font tomorrow. Till then, folks.

9 comments on “Dweep X11 Font – Mod of Neep

  1. that font looks really nice!
    good screenshot btw, what window manager are you using on it?
    I wish I could use openbsd but it won’t install on my laptop 😦

  2. I have cw installed, but it colors only the output of a command. I am asking because in the attached screenshot you have colors even for the command arguments. Look at the scrot command. I am interested in that kind of info. Thanks.

    • Ah, now I see what you mean. Live command coloring is a feature of zsh. On my github, there is a file in the root directory called, live-command-coloring.sh. You can edit it according to your needs of course. Copy that file somewhere and just source it in your .zshrc. That’s all. You will have dynamic coloring immediately.

      #Add this to your .zshrc
      #Live syntax coloring
      source /home/user/your-directory/live-command-coloring.sh

      Hope that helps.

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