BSD root shell – Leave it alone!

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Of late, I have observed that a lot of new migrants to BSD immediately want to change the default shell to bash. Bad, bad idea! bash is not available automatically in any BSD base system. Leave the root shell as it is. Some of you might not see the issue now, but when the system breaks and you have to restore it somehow, you would be pissed, since /usr won’t be available. Most software executables that you install on BSD would sit in /usr/local/bin directory. So, think twice before changing the root shell.

Of course, when you troubleshoot using single user mode and bash is your root shell and is unavailable, you will be asked if you wanna use the default shell (csh). So failsafe is in place, but still, it is just bad practice to change the root shell. But if you insist, use toor instead. No problems there.

You can find multiple discussions on this topic over at FreeBSD forums as well. A friend of mine who recently installed FreeBSD for the first time naturally wanted to go the bash way and asked for my opinion. That’s why decided to post here as well.

2 comments on “BSD root shell – Leave it alone!

  1. Yep, I agree. Still, I thought to copy /usr/local/bin/bash to /bin/bash but there are libraries which are on /usr. This output is from an FreeBSD I have at work, it’s version REL-8.2-p3:

    $ ldd /usr/local/bin/bash
    /usr/local/bin/bash: => /lib/ (0x28121000) => /usr/local/lib/ (0x28161000) => /usr/local/lib/ (0x2816a000) => /lib/ (0x28260000)

    A good idea to keep the default shell 🙂

    Cheers mate!

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