Dash X11 Font

As I had mentioned earlier, I modify fonts at will. Some I like, some I don’t. I have decided to share all modified fonts that I use from time to time. The first one in that series is Dash, which is a mod of the awesome font, Smooth from the Misc. foundry. The latest version of the font is on another machine, so I will update this submission coming Saturday. Apart from simple changes here and there, the only big difference between Smooth and Dash are the letters, ‘a’ and ‘i’. The newest version that I currently don’t have access to also has a different ‘l’. See NetBSD screenshot from a few posts earlier.

The font is available on my Github page. Just click on the image to get there. The image should give you an idea about the font as well.

Dash X11 Font - Available on my GitHub

Till later folks.

9 comments on “Dash X11 Font

  1. Nice font, but a bit tall for my taste. I use Envy Code R (size 8-10) and Pragmata on my daily rutine. I like TTF’s in combination with hinting set to ‘slight’ and sub-pixel rendering set to RGB.

    • I have been using Envy Code R only since a few days. This is also the first time that I went more than a day with a ttf font. I tend to gravitate towards bitmap fonts universally on my system. With the right settings though, ttf fonts look good. They also look good on lighter background. On a dark background they strain my eyes pretty quickly.

      Thanks for giving the font a test ride. It is tall and is ideal for multiple head setups. Thanks again for your input man.

      • I had a multi-head setup at the office. I work in networking and birds-eye-view is great for monitoring. I also had 2 x 24″ at home for a while but I ended up using just one screen most of the time. The other one stayed off. So, for the sake of economy I sold the ‘extra’. I’m better off with just one 20″ Apple Cinema display, I do have a PC tho 🙂 They make high quality displays and since I have a passion for photography I needed a screen which can display a wide range of colors. Cheap (100-150 euro) display have a very low dynamic range. They suck bad if you want to do any graphic editing.

        If you like to share I would like to know/see your hardware setup(s).

        I use your palette of colors in my terminals as well (SecureCRT on Windows and xfce-terminal on Ubuntu). The fonts, yours included, look awesome on light/soft color mixture.

        Cheers mate!

  2. Hey man,
    This font is great. I just modified “A” letters and “y” too. It was a bit crushed and now it’s fine.
    Long time, I wanted this font. I saw it one month ago on a screenshot on Arch forum.
    See ya.

      • Again me. After some days, I decided to increase the space between letters. It was a bit more condensed on a large screen and difficult to read to sometimes. With a space before and after, it’s more readable.
        And I didn’t know, but Smoothansi is very similar to Smooth.

      • You are welcome to edit the font the way you want mate. I am glad that you modified it to match your needs. Smoothansi from artwiz family is very very similar, but fonts from misc family come by default with special characters, unlike artwiz. Hence, the font choice for editing.

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