Super Star Tek with a twist

Spock meets The Borg

My current hobby hacking project is connected to the game, Super Star Trek. The original program was written in BASIC and Chris Nystrom wrote a C port in the 90’s. From an operating standpoint, the game is very similar to the classic game Star Trek from the 70’s (which has been part of games collection on many BSD’s by default), with a few enhancements. I have played both the games and I love them.

 That got me thinking – Wouldn’t it be interesting to implement my favorite facets from Star Trek Next Generation, namely, The Borg and Q Continuum in the Original Series Universe? Since Super Star Trek is based on the original series, all I needed to do was integrate The Borg and Q in the program. Purists might disagree, but let me tell you, I am a big time trekker myself, and it’s just that I was fascinated by the mere thought of having Spock, The Borg and Q coming together. I have worked out the specifics already as to how the game would work. Spock would be the central character when one chooses to engage The Borg. Who outsmarts who is the main theme.

Anyway, I will expand on the theme later. The game will be released on May 8th, 2012. The Borg made their first appearance in the TNG episode, Q Who? on May 8th, 1989, hence, the release date. The enhanced game is still in the nascent stages, but it is coming along nicely.  I am just letting my imagination run wild to come up with a strong back story for the game. As I had mentioned earlier, I am a true Trekker at heart, so I will strive the hardest to keep the premise good. I will keep you folks posted on the progress.

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