Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg?

Bill and Mark

Last night, I got bored of hacking at home. So, I went to one of my favorite bars here in Stuttgart and continued hacking. Good jazz music with electronic tones does wonders to one’s hacking efforts. Anyway, at the bar I was approached by this middle aged gentleman. He asked me if I was programming in C. I said, yes and then he said that he worked for some time in the software sector and could make out from my program indentations that it must be C (I use the K&R style).  So I stopped hacking and engaged the gentleman in a lively conversation about programming, languages and software industry in general. He then asked me this question – In my opinion, who do I think is smarter – Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? I told him that a simple comparison would not be fair on both of them, since, the times when they were starting out were very different.

But then, I realized that the same question was discussed in Lynne Jolitz’s blog. If you don’t know Lynne, she is the same one, who, along with her husband William Jolitz developed 386BSD. Every BSD user knows the impact of Jolitzs’ work . Anyway, my thoughts regarding the comparison are exactly the same as hers. But I will let her post answer the question.  While you are there, spend some time reading her other posts as well.  She hasn’t updated for a while, nevertheless, her take on many aspects of software is extremely interesting.

Lynne’s Take on Tech 

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