Happy 2012

Happy new year people. Hope you folks had a great celebration. Mine was mixed, but nevertheless fine. I also had time to experiment a lot with FreeBSD. I will talk about them later tonight. Also watched the awesome Batman – Animated Series after a long time again. I used to watch the Series quite religiously when it came on Cartoon Network in the 90’s. Felt great to reconnect with the caped crusader. Anyway, more coming up later.

2 comments on “Happy 2012

  1. happy new year you too! let’s hope this year will be a lot better that last year for everyone 🙂
    good to see you’re blogging again, I’d like to hear about your freebsd experiments
    did you hear that version 9.0 was released unofficially a couple days ago? have you tried it?
    I too love the Batman animated series, it is one of my childhood favorite series

    btw, I liked the previous theme better 😛

    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks man, and happy new year to you too. Yes, I certainly hope this year would be better than the last.
      I have been testing 9.0 on two rigs for quite sometime now. I will upgrade on my laptop probably in a week or so. My efforts on the BSD front are currently focused on giving the BSD Hypervisor (BSDHyVe) a go. So far, it has worked out ok, but with issues aplenty. I am looking into those issues. The other one has to do with DTrace. I have been working on it like a possessed individual and it is totally addictive. I will post my thoughts later, of course.
      Batman Animated Series is a total win. I watched a lot of Batman when I was recovering from Appendicitis. US anime these days are nowhere near Batman Animate Series. Given the fact that they cannot show death in the show, the way the creators played around the restrictions is totally amazing.
      Thanks for the visit man.

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