GitHub Organization – Colors

Let me say a few words about how the configs are organized. I will begin with the colors in my .Xdefaults file. As you might have observed, I have different color setups for Xterm, URxvt and Rxvt. I call the XTerm color, Xtrail and is derived from vermaden’s config. Here is a shot of the color profile.

Xtrail Color Config - XTerm

Rxvt colors follow a different palette and I call it a Technicolor Variant. You can see the color profile in the following shot.

Technicolor Variant - RXvt

I have three color configs for URxvt. I am currently using something called Technobass. The colors look like the one in this shot.

Technobass - URxvt

I also have two Technicolor variants in there as well. The following couple of screens should give you an idea. Technicolor I is nothing more than the famous Gentoo color setup. Technicolor II is a marriage between some of my own colors and sirmacik and gigamo’s colors.

Technicolor I - URxvt

Technicolor II - URxvt

Terminus is used globally across all three terms. And as I had mentioned earlier, it is a patched version that uses alternate characters for some letters. I will upload the same in my next post. Anyway, this completes the color definition. You can access my configs here.

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