GitHUB Update Tomorrow+Current XMonad Screen

As usual, sorry about the delayed update. I will be finally moving all my configs over to GitHub tomorrow. Got tied up with a very interesting simulation this weekend and some high energy physics. Yes, I am talking about the muon neutrino finding by CERN. I was reading the original paper and one thing led to another and ended up reading four more papers related to baryon and dark matter asymmetry. Fascinating. Felt great getting back to my roots for a while, Theoretical Physics that is.

Anyway, here’s another screenshot, featuring XMonad on my FreeBSD laptop. The configs are absolutely similar to my earlier post. Only change is the wallpaper. Sort of fits the occasion I think. Click on the image for full view.

XMonad on FreeBSD

I am also uploading the wallpaper. I got it from wallbase. Just played around with the hue and saturation settings to suit my needs. I am posting the original and my edit. Click on the images for full view.

Lepton - Original Wallpaper

Lepton - Wallpaper Mod

Please visit tomorrow for my GitHub update.

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