Busy – Updates this Weekend

Kinda busy this week, hence, couldn’t update my blog. I will do it over the weekend. My Github will be refreshed on Sunday as well. I have so far made copies of all my config files, with all actions related to BSD Unix either commented out or removed. This will make it easier to use my config as it is on any *NIX platform.

In the meantime, how about another screenshot?  It’s from my FreeBSD powered work laptop. I am logged into XMonad for the moment. Using the same config as in my previous XMonad shot. I am using a new color theme here and I am currently thinking about naming it. Cooked up a matching vim theme as well, which you can see when editing a Matlab file. Everything else is pretty standard. The wallpaper is triangles tile from subtlepatterns. Font is Terminus, globally. I am using Terminus with almost every character patch applied. You could see the difference, for example with the character ‘a’. Anyway, here is the screenshot. Click on the image for full view.

XMonad + FreeBSD - Current Setup

 Till this weekend folks.