Old Computer Collection and ChromaX Experiment

As I had mentioned earlier, I donated my entire old computer collection during Christmas last year and now own a couple of desktops, an Ultra SPARC box, a Sun Blade workstation, two laptops, an EEE top and an EEE PC. Ultra SPARC box runs NetBSD, Sun Blade is untouched, one of the desktops run both FreeBSD-Current and Sorcerer OS (the only Linux system that I still use from time to time), the other one runs DragonFly BSD exclusively. EEE Top is my OpenBSD test box, it almost always runs beta version of OpenBSD.

As far as mobile devices go, my main work laptop is powered by FreeBSD 8.2 Stable and my EEE PC 1000H runs OpenBSD 4.8. I will upgrade it to 5.0 in November. The other laptop runs a version of OpenSolaris, that I cooked up together. Basically, its a minimal build of OpenSolaris (along the lines of MilaX) with NetBSD’s pkgsrc used for package management. It works pretty well, but I don’t think it will ever be production ready for two reasons – 1. I have a lot of ugly hacks in place that will scare the bejesus out of any real programmer (I am not a programmer) and 2. It’s just a hobby project of mine that might be difficult to maintain when I am short on time. For what it’s worth here is an old screenshot. I call it ChromaX. Chroma, as you Ghost in the Shell fans would know is the name of the avatar of Major Kusanagi when she is inside the net.

ChromaX - A minimal OpenSolaris distribution

Anyway, I even experimented with XFCE3 on my FreeBSD box then to use it as the default desktop when I was ready to release it. I like XFCE3 because of its CDE look. Call me old fashioned, but I am a sucker for nostalgia. It is irrelevant now though, since, the talented kpedersen from FreeBSD forums has developed OpenCDE. Here are a few shots showcasing my XFCE3 adventure.

XFCE3 on FreeBSD

XFCE3 on FreeBSD

XFCE3 on FreeBSD

Only time will tell if I can release ChromaX. From a hobby standpoint, it has been fantastic.

4 comments on “Old Computer Collection and ChromaX Experiment

  1. ChromaX looks interesting, even if you have no plans to release it.

    Also, for you ChromaX screenshot is that XFCE? Can you please share the theme your using?

  2. Hi, For the CDE look, if you don’t mine me asking, what icons and file manager you used? And how did you make the taskbar look like that? Looks awesome!

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