45 – Warp speed ahead ……

Star Trek means more than just a series to me. You might have heard this from so many people and it holds true in my case as well. I took a special interest in Engineering and Theoretical Physics because of the original series. That’s why I studied both. I had lost track of it for quite a while, but took it up again a few months ago. When my ex dumped me, it was really tough. I had to find my grip again and hence, Star Trek came into prominence. This might sound silly, but it totally works in my case. Anyway, I will expand a bit on this theme later.

Since September 8th, I have been using the following setup on my desktop. Window manager is Fluxbox and the theme is a slightly modified version of my Color Me Bad theme. The primary colors of this theme are derived from Star Trek Original Series uniform colors, namely, blue, khaki and red. They might not be that accurate of course. Without further ado, here is the screenshot. Click on the image for full view.

Trek Desktop

The Enterprise bridge backdrop comes from wall 2 wall stickers. I am posting the image here as well. The ascii art come from Star Trek Ascii Art website. There are some amazing stuff over there. Please check them out. Modified my Xdefaults a bit, but still pointing towards the Technicolor palette. Also, did away with my previous zsh prompt and chose a simple rone. The fonts are Terminus (with multiple character patches) and Standard 07_57 Caps for the user interface. If anyone is interested in the fluxbox theme, just drop a note using the comment feature. Click on the wallpaper for full size.

NCC-1701 Bridge

Live long and prosper \\//

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