Fluxbox Again

Nothing special, just thought of posting another screenshot of my FreeBSD box. Still on Fluxbox and the theme is Color Me Bad. I created this theme a sometime back and you can find the theme on box-look as usual. On display  – some random code snippets, ncmpcpp (I am a fan of older material of Jazztronik, but Grand Blue is pretty good) and  some ascii art. If any other information is needed, please drop a note using the commenting feature. As usual, click on the image for full view.

Since Blair requested the wallpaper from my previous post, I am posting it as well.

As far as the wallpaper in this post is concerned, it is nothing more than a carbon tile that I got from Subtle Patterns. If you are a fan of minimal wallpapers, you should definitely visit Subtle Patterns. I am sure you will be impressed.

One comment on “Fluxbox Again

  1. thanks for the wall from me too, as well as for the site tip.
    now i guess i’ll have to go and check out jazztronik too 🙂
    although chet baker’s all i’m wiling to hear these days.

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