Configs – GitHub

Yes, I do have a GitHub account where all my config files are hosted. But they are very old and haven’t been updated for a long time. I will push all my configs and code this coming weekend. They require some massive cleanup to get rid of my machine specific stuff that wouldn’t be useful to anyone but me. I will post a message here once it is updated of course.

Fluxbox Again

Nothing special, just thought of posting another screenshot of my FreeBSD box. Still on Fluxbox and the theme is Color Me Bad. I created this theme a sometime back and you can find the theme on box-look as usual. On display  Рsome random code snippets, ncmpcpp (I am a fan of older material of Jazztronik, but Grand Blue is pretty good) and  some ascii art. If any other information is needed, please drop a note using the commenting feature. As usual, click on the image for full view.

Since Blair requested the wallpaper from my previous post, I am posting it as well.

As far as the wallpaper in this post is concerned, it is nothing more than a carbon tile that I got from Subtle Patterns. If you are a fan of minimal wallpapers, you should definitely visit Subtle Patterns. I am sure you will be impressed.