Window Managers

I experiment a lot with different window managers on my boxes from the obscure to the very latest. On my DragonFly BSD box, I use nothing more than TWM, themed of course. On my OpenBSD powered EEE PC, its either CWM or ScrotWM. On my desktops, just EvilWM and on my FreeBSD powered laptop, I alternate between XMonad, Fluxbox and CTWM.

For a while, I wasn’t using XMonad, but last month, started hacking Haskell, so thought of installing XMonad. I use a very simple, highly functional config from Sterling Camden. I configured it for my needs and it fits the bill perfectly. Every workspace is modeled according to the apps that are supposed to be active in those areas and the window management ratios are controlled accordingly. The status bar is drawn by Xmobar, again a faithful adaptation of Camden’s .xmobarrc.

Here are a couple of XMonad screenshots on my FreeBSD laptop. Click on the thumbnails for original sizes.

The colors come from Lich’s low contrast theme and the emacs color theme is tangotango. Font is boxxy, a mod of Terminus, posted by caffeinebasedlifeform in Arch forums. The background is of Goddess Christine Chapel from Star Trek Original Series Episode, The Naked Time.

Here is Late Mrs. Roddenberry’s picture for anyone interested.

Second Screenshot 

Colors are Zenburn inspired. Font is Boxxy as usual. The wallpaper is Block from

Fluxbox takes care of my non tiling needs mostly. But gave into nostalgia last night and started using CTWM on this machine for the moment. Quickly threw together a zenburn inspired ctwmrc, based on the noir theme. Menu and keyboard shortcuts give me a quick access to BSD specific tools that I use quite often. Chose a color gradient to differentiate the workspaces and asclock takes care of time display. Wallpaper is a quick mod of Clearlooks based wallpaper that I got from DevArt, with the logo of Individual Eleven from Ghost in the Shell slapped on. If you want the wall, please let me know.

Click on the thumbnail for original size.

Here’s the wall mod if anyone is interested.

Feel free to post your queries.

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    • Music player is ncmpcpp. As far as ctwm goes, well it is themed. I have all my configs hosted on github. ctwmrc is also available over there. The colors might be a tad bit different, since I don’t use zenburn colors anymore. Hope that helps.

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