Catenate on roid

Most of you must be aware of this already, but if someone isn’t, please read on. cat is a command that I use quite often.  I use C, C++ and Perl on a daily basis and it helps to have cat maintain highlighting. Forunately, there is Supercat (spc). With spc, concatenation provides more clarity, since the code is properly highlighted and I don’t have to go through monotonic text. The best part about spc is that you can define specific conf files for every language and file type. Here is an illustration of the difference between cat and spc for a C program.

As you can see, spc is more comfortable. I use spc just for the heck of it to add some color to otherwise mundane ascii art as well. For instance, take a look at the following Enterprise ascii art.

Here, spc is called upon and asked to use xorg.conf based spcrc to color the ascii art. You could use other options as well, like, py, c etc. It’s nothing interesting, but its fun.

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