Finally – Sensations of Tone – Download

As promised, please follow the link for Sensations of Tone album by G.O.L. I have uploaded the original .flac files over at megaupload (zip archive). The file is password protected. I will give a clue for the password. It is a name (no caps) and it is of a Romulan commander of IRW Valdore, a Romulan Warbird. She appears in Star Trek Nemesis. It shouldn’t be difficult to figure it out.

Sensations of Tone

Please let me know if there is any difficulty.

8 comments on “Finally – Sensations of Tone – Download

  1. Good Lord! Thank you sooooo much for this. I’ve been looking for this album for a couple of years. Thanks very much indeed.

  2. (donatra) is the password
    i dont know why would somone protect their files if they want to share it for FREE!
    otherwise call for some payment…

    • Calm down mate. There’s no need to shout. Was it that difficult to figure out the password? The post where the clue for the password is given is available for anyone to access, so what is your problem? Did I ask you to beg to get the password? If you are that lazy, well, good luck. Don’t expect to be spoon fed all the time.

      • i would not beg for nothing especily for file protecting arhives, get it . i share gigs of my rock, metal, classic, OST, collections and i wellcome evrybody to download any with a snap. so dont lazy me…i have my opinion about this and yes if its free than is STUPID!

      • No point taking it further mate. It’s called the Internet, so if you don’t like something, you are welcome not to visit a site. That’s the nature of the beast. Nobody has to agree with your opinions. Good bye and please refrain from shouting again!

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