Oh boy!

Well, here we go again! I am sorry for having vanished since my last post in May. Work and other issues took precedence and hence, couldn’t really post a lot. Anyway, this is what I am planning to do. I will post a lot of stuff over this weekend. Trust me, this time I mean it. I had long uploaded the Sensations of Tone Album but I have to look up the download links on my other computer. So apologies for anyone who come here looking for the album and not finding it.

Life goes on as usual. Career wise, things are looking good, but personal life can be much better. It’s been a little more than six months since experiencing the heartbreak and I honestly do not know how long  it’s gonna be like that. I have stopped analyzing the reasons for it and have somehow come to accept it rationally. But this experience has also changed me. Now I look at most things only from a rational/logical standpoint. Other modes of vision do not exist anymore.

Just a word of advice to people who are planning to end a relationship. If there is a problem, please address it immediately. Do not string people up for months or years by never letting the other person know that there are some issues. I don’t understand why it would be difficult to talk when such a situation arises. What also beats me is how someone who has not revealed such a thing proceeds to suddenly finish things off and leave one day. It happened in my case in all of two hours. Imagine how painful it would be.

 Anyway, sorry about rambling. Come back for updates this weekend.

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