G.O.L Sensations of Tone – Revived

I am gonna start off by reviving one of my earlier posts. I see there have been quite a few requests for this album during my absence. So interested people just let me know with your comments. I will send you the download link.

Edit: I will upload it tonight and post the link right here.

4 comments on “G.O.L Sensations of Tone – Revived

  1. Hey, I originally found your old post about G.O.L. from back in 2009, and thought I was out-of-luck on seeing if I could ask about a FLAC copy of this album (used copies are going online for over $200!!!). That was, until I bothered to look at the front-page of your blog 🙂 I would REALLY like to score a full FLAC copy of the album. You wouldn’t happen to also have scans of the case inserts too, would you? Thank-you muchly in advance.

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