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First off, sorry for having disappeared suddenly. Tied up with a lot of work as usual. Anyway I am posting a couple of screenshots of my Fluxbox desk, with a couple of different themes. One was inspired by Daft punk, and the other was, well simply to integrate well with the certain gtk theme.Β  Both the themes don’t warrant a release per se, since they are just minor mods of existing themes. But If anyone is still interested, let me know with your comments. I will post the links right here.

Screen One – Inspired by Daft Punk and j3concepts. Click for full view.


Screen Two – To integrate with Phrink gtk. Click for full view.


17 comments on “More Fluxbox

  1. The wallpaper of the first screenshot is nice, I’ve been looking for a background like this for long.

    May I get the source? πŸ™‚

  2. Hey there I recently changed my basic machine from Arch Linux + Kdemod to Mac. However, now I am spending time configuring my laptop-netbook setup with an Arch+Fluxbox, its my first time working with an wm and I find some configurations difficult, I load your theme but the fonts are huge… also I am trying to install your icon theme and it comes in a zip format and I dont know how to load it from lxappearance… I’ve also loaded Phrink but firefox still has the grey thing that comes with the basic Raleigh theme… I really like fluxbox, but as my first I am a bit confused… I have tryed looking at all wikis…

    Thanks in advance,

    • Here are the things that you need to do get your setup right. As far as my fluxbox theme goes, my font settings are kept universal, so i use the overlay file. There should be a file called overlay in your .fluxbox directory, which should reside in your home directory by the way, i.e, /home/your-username/.fluxbox

      If you need my overlay file, please let me know. Coming to the icon theme, well I don’t get it quite. May be you downloaded an icon theme perhaps from deviantart which is in zip format. Am I right. Anyway nothing to worry. Unzip the file and move the folder to /home/your-user-name/.icons. If the .icons folder is not present, create it.

      Coming to the Phrink theme, what version of Murrine engine do you have installed. You need the latest, that is at least version 0.90. Could be also the case that you need the Murrine svn version. If you have an older version, or if you do not have the murrine engine installed yet, then you will end up with the Windows look, like you have already mentioned.

      Murrine latest and svn should be available in Arch repos. I am fairly sure about that. Do some digging and let me know if it worked. Just buzz me if you need further help.

  3. I made out everything, except the overlay. I made dpi 75 from ~/.Xdefaults, all the fonts came to the right size except the ones on the title bar… for example the icon of firefox, next to that theres a title firefox… but the font size is use, so the overlay should fix that?

    Smthing else, how do I make nitrogen save the wallpaper for the next reboot?

    Also what are the essential applications for fluxbox, I have installed:
    urxvt,firefox.gimp,nitrogen,lxappearance,openoffice,xterm,rtorrent,bitbee (for some reason doesnt work).

    Also, how do I theme urxvt?

    Thanks again in advance for your time.
    I really like your themes as well as your help.

  4. I would like you to give me all your config files for the pink theme, as well as the updated theme, is this possible (even the fonts and colour on man pages) everything except the wallpaper so that it looks like your?

  5. May I please talk to you personally either from email or IM? The last message was in a hurry because we where leaving for vacation and it may sound a bit rude… I would like to talk to you personally about the pink theme and fluxbox itself because its my first try and I would like to set it up properly.

    • Sorry about the delay. And no it was no way rude. So don’t worry. Normally I don’t use IM or skype. But you can always mail me. I will try my best to help you out.

  6. Well you can send your hotmail account for IM because I dont use Skype and then we could talk :). I though I was rude because I left for 7 days and had no answer, thanks again for your kind help!

  7. Well It would be better to use IM, (maybe you could make an exception). I did destroy everything by trying out Qingy, and the fluxbox set up so I am just installing arch again, however I wont make a step after the end of the beginners guide. I would like you to guide me through from IM if that is possible, because I might do smthing stupid again that I shouldn’t!

    • Sorry about the delay again. Sure no problem. But i don’t use hotmail. Do you have a gmail account? if so, we can meet up over google talk? add my id as friend, and once i also confirm yours, you can find me anytime, since i am online most of the time. my id is

  8. again very nice compositions.
    I was searching for the same script as is on your screenshot – show terminal colors, but can’t find it (only similar ones, that I don’t like). Can I have it?
    And if possible, the script (if it’s script) that is showing disk spaces. πŸ˜‰
    Thank you very much.

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