Shifting Gears – Fluxbox

I made a quick fluxbox theme last night to go with thayer’s colors. Since I seldom use gui apps, except for firefox, my theming ideas are always inspired by the terminal colors. And since I am very much used to fluxbox, throwing a theme together quickly is not so difficult. I haven’t released this theme yet, and I haven’t even named it. But if there are some requests, I will certainly make this theme available. But please note, this theme is meant to be based on the Xdefaults, and not on the gtk theme for instance. Here is a screenshot of the theme in action on my Lunar Linux powered office desk. Feel free to post your critique. Click on the image for full view.


5 comments on “Shifting Gears – Fluxbox

  1. This is very nice setup, colors are going very well together.
    Can I kindly ask for the fluxbox theme? I like it.
    Thank you very much.
    BTW why did you decide use Lunar Linux?

    • I just uploaded the theme over at box-look mate. Will post the link in a new post here as well. Anyway, as far as Lunar Linux goes, I fee more comfy with source based distros and I am not a fan of Gentoo, though I used it a lot a few years back. So I started using Lunar, and it is my favorite Linux distro.

  2. Yes, please upload this theme(and wallpaper!). You’ve been making some of the most amazing fluxbox themes in a while. I been still using your modified Pilsner fluxbox theme + wall. Very much liking the minimal look especially the borders, excellent job. By the way, great post about colorwrapper I been looking for just that. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Thanks witz. I have uploaded the theme over at box-look. Will link it right here as well. Colorwrapper is one nifty tool. Glad that you found my posts useful. And thanks again for the visit mate.

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