My Configs – Github

First of all, sorry for not having updated for quite sometime. The past few days had been really hectic. But I do have some time on my hands right now. Anyway, as promised, I finally managed to push all my configs over to github, and I am sure that it will be so much safer ove there, since the chances of github going down is very low. Just follow the link below.

My Github Page – All my Configs

Note: You can find all my config files there. As far as .Xdefaults go, there are five color combinations available in that file. Currently I am using thayer’s molokai inpsired colors. Besides you will find Arthur’s colors, Justin’s colors, and a couple of my other color combinations. This is how thayer’s color profile looks like.


All the configs have been put together from a lot of sources obviously. So you can do whatever the hell you want with them. Hope some of you folks will find them useful.

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