FreeBSD EEEPC Progress

As I had mentioned earlier, my EEE 1000H is powered by FreeBSD 7.2 and so far it has been good. Still haven’t had the proper time to workon the wireless, but so far have got most of my acpi scripts working, so its great. Anyway I am posting another EvilWM screenshot on this Beastie powered toy. Click on the picture for full view.


Stop the Windows Bashing!

This has been bothering me for quite a while. Of late, I have found some really bad postings, threads bashing Microsoft, and calling different names, that I don’t want to mention. Personally, I completely disagree with this attitude. If Linux or BSD works for someone, doesn’t mean they have to be thrust down someone else’s throat.

My personal experience with *nix began when I had to use Solaris for my simulation needs, ages ago. Though it was very intimidating in the beginning, I started liking it, and when I had a chance to get my own machine, I loaded Linux on it. Since my needs have always revolved around programming, and mathematical modeling, *nix provided me the best platform. I was never into gaming, so I didn’t miss Windows a lot. Same goes with Mac. Never used one, and probably never will, just because my needs don’t require one.

But thats just me. There might be a lot of people who are into hardcore gaming, high quality graphic designing and so on, and certainly in those aspects, *nix is not the best suited. So it would be totally ridiculous on my part to talk to someone who plays games a lot, and preach him about Linux and how his Windows Vista sucks and so on. This self righteousness is something that can be totally done away with.

Being a fan of an OS is something, but to start preaching it is a totally different thing, which i strongly disagree with. In my opinion, world domination is not the agenda of *nix, and a whole majority of folks behind most *nix distros will agree with me I hope. To make matters worse, you also have distro wars, desktop environment wars, and such. Seriously how is it going to help?

Of course, quite a few people I know have started using Linux after I met them. But mostly, it would be that they would see my screen, and ask me details about the colors, and configuration, and when I tell them its Linux, they would ask me for some help in setting it up for them. That’s about it.

So what is the cause for such hatred? For instance, an acquaintance of mine started using Linux a few months ago for the first time, and after a week, he was convinced that Windows was crap and stuff, and he started preaching a lot about Linux. The worst part, he visited me then and saw one of my Solaris boxes at home with the CDE and started complaining how crappy it looked and how Linux was so much better! I did not want to waste time by arguing or explaining about Unix to him, because frankly, I had a feeling that his mind was made up.

So do new Linux converts also have the same opinion? Have you people also come across such individuals? When you use *nix for a long time, you tend to realize how powerful and fantastic the os is, but at the same time, you also tend to learn a lot about the variety of problems that one might have to deal with in using it., especially related to X, wireless cards etc. Mentioning the common problems encountered in *nix is the first thing I do whenever someone asks me about my opinion on *nix.

Sorry about the rant. Just that I got frustrated about all the Windows hate and had to say something about it. Please post your comments if you have come across such things as well.