Current Fluxbox Screenshot – Lunar Linux

I revamped my Fluxbox setup a bit on my Lunar Linux box at work, and this is how it looks like right now. Thought of using the Pilsner gtk theme for a while, so modified lyrae aka thrynk’s Black and White Fluxbox theme to merge with Pilsner’s menubar color. Also modified the fluxbox toolbar. Quite satisfied with the look as of now.

The rest is self explanatory I guess. If anyone needs this modified fluxbox config, let me know. Please note, this would look good only with Pilsner gtk theme. Click on the picture for full view.


2 comments on “Current Fluxbox Screenshot – Lunar Linux

  1. Very nice and minimum setup you’ve got there. Mind uploading a link to your modified theme and wallpaper? Greatly appreciated.

    I myself also love themes with neutral tones especially of grey colours. Why I love them is they are easy on eyes, and not hard to match with other wallpapers.
    For now I’m still very much liking the Mire fluxbox / gtk setup. Sadly fluxbox hasn’t gotten much attention lately, hoping for some awesome theme releases as such by lyrae and others.

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