SomaFM – Groovesalad

I have to say, the quality of music from SomaFM has been impeccable of late. Not that it wasn’t good before. I am currently listening to groovesalad, and the tracks are totally fantastic, mix of French grooves, Chinese music, and Zen chants and stuff.

I would have to admit, I had been listening to Jet City Lounge from Groovera over the last few months predominantly over SomaFM. But given the kind of tracks the SomaFM folks spin today, I am guessing I am not gonna change my allegiance by any means. So, if there are some visitors of this blog, who are also into groove music, check out SomaFM. It’s a cut above the rest.

One comment on “SomaFM – Groovesalad

  1. I like SomaFM too. Groove Salad and Secret Agent are always good choices.
    Your screenshots are awesome. Would you mind sharing the wall you use in the Arch forum august screenshots topic?

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