EEE Pc Screenshot

As promised, here is the EEE screenshot. The lunar update did take a while. Since I started the update and left to meet a friend, I couldn’t configure the kernel when it was built. So I had to recompile the kernel, when the updates had finished. I use the framebuffer quite frequently, so I recompiled with framebuffer support, so that took a little longer. Anyway this is how my setup looks like ony my EEE. Window manager is dwm5.5 and the wallpaper is self made. Of late I have been blown away by Haruna Yabuki, and I am still in a fan boy mode. It will probably stay that way for sometime. This picture of hers is one of my favorite pictures. So that necessitated the need to make a quick wallpaper. Also I am no artist, so this wallpaper is a very amateurish attempt, so please don’t mind. Anyway here is the screen. Click for full view.


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