A little rambling + Lunar Linux – dwm Screenshot

Well, its around 4AM here right now, I just finished debugging some piece of code, and I can finally crash right now. Anyway I have planned to update my blog with atleast two posts everday, given the fact I am really busy these days. On the paranormal front, a lot of things have happened, and one of my favorite radio shows is going high places with the kind of guests who have started to show up on the program. Will talk about it in detail tomorrow. Just before I crash right now, I am gonna post a screenshot of my laptop screen. As I had mentioned eralier, I have moved to Lunar Linux, and it has become my primary OS. And since I wanted a very lean system, decided to just have evilwm and dwm as primary windowmanagers. The following screen is of dwm5.4.1 in action. If anyone needs my configs, just drop a comment. Anyway here is the screen.

Lunar Linux+dwm5.4.1

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