Here we go again!

Well, I am back after a long long break! So many things have happened over the last few months, professionally and personally. Finally I am in  a stage where I can wind up with my Doctoral Dissertation, in three to four months! I know it sounds silly, but months sound better than years! Otherwise, still hacking a lot, listening to some kickass paranormal shows, watching anime, and collecting Japanese memorabilia. I will follow up on this entry and answer a couple of questions that were asked in a few of my posts. To the visitors of this blog, thanks for your visit, and keep watching this space for more!

2 comments on “Here we go again!

    • As you can see even from the frequency of updates right here, I am very busy right now, winding up with my dissertation and traveling a lot, so I don’t find a lot of time to visit exbii. Besides, I visited a few days ago, and it seems like most of the folks I used to hang out with are not there anymore and from the kind of threads i saw in nhb, thought it’s better to stay away at least for the time being. I will try to visit there as soon as I get some more time on my hands. Thanks for your visit.

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