XMonad is here to stay!

I know that I ranted about dwm in my previous post and all, but I am trying a lotta stuff with the xmonad contrib packages and so shifted to xmonad completely. Am sure it would be very difficult for me to getback to any other environment. I am posting a couple of screenshots of the WM in action. I am still working on the dzen statusbar though! But for the moment, I love it! 🙂

Screen 1 – Clean XMonad

Screen 2 – XMonad Busy

Once I am done with the complete customization I will post my xmonad.hs file so that anyone interested can have a look at it!

8 comments on “XMonad is here to stay!

  1. Nice desk, I started using Xmonad at version 0.4 and I can’t go back to using any other type of windowmanager, I just can’t get work done as quickly without it 🙂

  2. Thanx for ur comments Paul! i used to dabble with xmonad sometime back as well. but eventually went back to gnome/kde. but sicne a few weeks or so, have been coding a lot and wanted to get back to tiling wm’s. hence shifted completely to xmonad and i am absolutely sure i will never go back!

  3. skinwalker: no-one said xmonad & gnome/kde are mutually exclusive. I’m perfectly happy with my Gnome desktop and xmonad as the WM; just requires a relatively modest amount of configuration.

  4. @gwern

    thanx for ur visit gwern. and i never compared gnome/kde with WM as such! all i mentioned was that since i am in to too much coding these days, xmonad seems like a better choice. i also have gnome/kde in my system that i use occasionally as well!

    • Sorry for the delayed reply mate. I modified my configs heavily, but eventually moved on to dwm, and evilwm, since there are no extra dependencies involved, like in Xmonad, which obviously pulls in haskell among a hole lot of other things. But the config should be lurking around somewhere. i will definitely look for it and mail it to you. Thanks for your visit.

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