Window Managers

I know its been a long time since i posted anything related to paranormal. Sorry about that! Kinda busy with so many things these days, that I didn’t have the time to do that. But I am planning to post some stuff over the weekend. New radio interviews and a couple of brand new videos! So stay tuned!

Now I would like to rant a little bit about Linux again. I have been using a lot of KDE lately, but eversince a couple of days went back to Dynamic Window Manager (dwm). I am using a lot of terminal apps, thanx to a lot of coding, so naturally wanted a completely minimal, unobtrusive environment where I could do everything with the terminal! There is only one class of environment that can provide that kinda flexibility, Tiling Window Managers. I have Awesome, Ion3, dwm, and xmonad installed, but use dwm the most. dwm actually sucks less (no pun intended! :D) Here are some screens of my machine in action. I haven’t configured a lot yet, am planing to do that tonite and compile it again. Will post the modified screens later! As of now, the only way to configure dwm is to modify the config file and compile it again. The latest dmenu, works out of the box though I think! Haven’t checked that yet! Neway here are the screens!

Opera in action

Terminals in action

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