Internet Radio – SomaFM

I am sure cubicle junkies are completely hooked to internet radio all the time! Well, that’s the only relaxation that we folks can afford right! I had mentioned Soma FM before, but let me explain it a little bit more here! My first experience with Soma FM was when I randomly played the channel on the amazing media player Banshee! I am a big fan of groove hits and so I found the collection at Soma FM astounding! Exactly the kind of music one would wanna hear when he or she is coding feverishly early into the morning with some special effect lights on display. Soma FM has more music channels of course, like heavy trance, futuristic beats, minimalist themes, indie rock, soundtracks, and even country! Not bad for a group of folks who beam it from a basement in California. Oh, did i mention that it is commercial free? But if you folks find the playlists good, I would suggest to help them out by donating a small amount and buy their T shirts as a show of support! I got mine a few days back and am proud to have helped one of my favorite radio broadcasts!

Just go over to Soma FM website and choose the playlist of ur liking! Additionally if you prefer, you can also download the entire stream and encode the same to mp3 format and listen to it anywhere you go! I don’t know how that works out in Windows, but here is how you do it in Linux!

Step 1:

Download the playlist of your choice, say for instance you choose groovesalad, then the saved file on ur local disk will be groovesalad.pls. Open a terminal and then change the file type to .txt.

mv groovesalad.pls groovesalad.txt

Step 2:

Install the awesome MPlayer and u can play the file from the terminal! The command is as follows:

mplayer -playlist groovesald.txt

Step 3:

Downloading the entire stream silently

Again you can do it with MPlayer. Here is the command:

mplayer -playlist groovesalad.txt -ao pcm:file=mystream.wav -vc dummy -vo null

You can use any file name you want, not mystream.wav necessarily! If you observe the file mystream.wav, it will constantly get updated runtime! You can use it as long as you want, that of course is dependent on your disk size. If you wanna stop the download, use the break key CTRL+C to stop the process in the terminal.

Step 4:

Install lame mp3 encoder and execute this command:

lame mytream.wav filename.mp3

There you have it! The entire stream you can carry on your ipod and listen mobile! The aforementioned method works for any playlist based internet radio! Most streams from shoutcast can also be recorded this way! I have simply broken down the steps accordingly, but you can also write a small shell script that is nothin more than a combination of the commands to execute the same in a single step. It’s pretty easy to do that!

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