Man from Earth 2007

Have you folks watched Man From Earth already? If not, I would suggest you guys check it out! This indie film is prolly one of the best this year. Goes on to prove that Sci-Fi does not need effects all the time to be compelling. Though there a few shortfalls, this movie was great! I liked it a lot! the best thing is you can download it from any torrent site! Actually the producer thanked the people who downloaded his film making it famous and providing free publicity! Take that MPAA! Many people have given favorable reviews for this movie that it enjoys a 8.1 rating at imdb!

Visit the official website for more info about the novel by Late Jerome Bixby, and the film!

One comment on “Man from Earth 2007

  1. Well, in all fairness, even though it is on every P2p site on the planet, we were also hoping that people would either support the film by buying a DVD or at least make some sort of donation.

    The following is a copy of the “letter we posted at

    We, the filmmakers behind “Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth” understand that this is a film many sci-fi fans just couldn’t wait until 11/13/07 to see. And we especially understand that if you live outside the United States, you’ve had absolutely no way of knowing when this film might be coming to your local cinema, video store, or TV… if ever! Indeed, all international rights to the movie are still available.

    And as a result you may have downloaded the film from one of the many torrent (or other) sites available. Chances are, you paid nothing to do so. But please understand that we are just some independent filmmakers who put everything we had into our little movie, and you really hurt us directly when you downloaded the movie illegally.

    Judging from the postings at, we see that the vast majority of you quite like the film; many of you even love the film and have watched it repeatedly.

    We made this movie with a great deal of love, sacrifice and effort on a low budget. But as low as the budget was, it was still a LOT of money to us, as well as to the people who trusted us with their investment to go ahead and make such an unusual, even controversial film.

    So we are making an unusual request… asking you to return the love, if you will:

    Please visit, and make some sort of donation in exchange for the enjoyment our movie brought you. It could be fifty cents, it could be fifty dollars. Perhaps you feel the average weekly video store rental is a fair amount. Whatever it is, it might be small to you, but if every single person who downloaded the movie — heck, if only the people who LIKED the movie — donated a few dollars, would certainly help get us to breakeven. Just go to and click on “donate” (you don’t even need to have an account). The address to use is

    The money you donate will go DIRECTLY towards everone who worked on and invested in our dream. And who knows… if we ever do break even on “Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth”, maybe we can go make another intelligent, thought-provoking film.

    Thank you very, very much for your consideration.


    Eric D. Wilkinson
    Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth

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