Feynman – Pleasure of Finding Things Out!

I am a huge fan of Richard Feynman. The QED God also happened to be a great educator, motivating many people with his books and interviews! I have uploaded a 50 minute vdo of his to Google and he talks about the sense of pleasure one attains when he or she figures out how a certain thing works. I think I don’t have to say more about the man, since most of you folks would be familiar with him! I will let his video do all the talking! The video is titled, “Pleasure of finding things out”, and was broadcast on BBC TV as part of their Horizon series. Here is the link to the original production company where you can also find info about other documentaries and order the DVD’s.

Christopher Sykes Productions

2 comments on “Feynman – Pleasure of Finding Things Out!

  1. Hi,
    I’d like to make two points about your posting of ‘The Pleasure of Finding Things Out’:

    1. I think it would be helpful, responsible and polite to give a source for the documentary, eg. BBC TV ‘Horizon’/WGBH ‘Nova’ (1981)

    2. Your upload is of poor quality. There is already a higher quality version at

    to which you could refer your readers.

    Christopher Sykes
    (Producer, ‘The Pleasure of Finding Things Out’)

  2. Thanx for your comments Christopher! Sorry about not having sourced the doc appropriately! I apologize, it was an honest mistake! Normally I refer the source directly at the upload site! But you are rite, i should have done it here too! I will edit my post sofort! Regarding the quality i know, it isn’t that gud, but i wanted to put the entire vdo as such instead of embedding different parts of the vdo from u tube. Since i had this vdo with me already, i uploaded the same to google!

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