The Lunacy of Mainstream Media

In my previous post I had talked about the UFO Close Encounters Meeting at the National Press Club on November 12th. Well, guess what, the media reported on the event and as usual, the coverage was pathetic! I am embedding a CNN report on the event and I must say, I couldn’t stand the BS from the bi*ch! She is prolly one of the most arrogant, misinformed, totally clueless news casters I have ever seen! The way she giggles and handles herself in covering this event is proof enough that the mainstream media whores can never be honest about reporting topics like UFOs. Sorry about the harsh language, but any number of expletives ain’t gonna change the situation!

At least the guy who reported on the event was a little bit serious about it! Have a look for yourself! Have a vomit bag ready, coz you might wanna throw up!

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