Case No.4 – Campinas, Brazil 1954

This case was also studied first by journalist Frank Edwards. He reported that numerous witnesses in Campinas observed three disk-shaped objects flying over the city on December 14th, 1954. Suddenly, one of the disks started wobbling and lost altitude. The other two disks followed the wobbling UFO and it stabilized at an altitude of 300 ft. At this point the unstable disk emitted a thin stream of silvery liquid which was reported to splatter over roofs, streets, sidewalks, and even clothes left outside to dry. An analysis of the samples by an unnamed Brazilian Government Lab identified that tin was the main component of the collected samples. This was also confirmed by a private chemist, Dr. Risvaldo Maffei, who also reported that around 10% of the samples contained other substances than tin, but precise estimates were not given.

This case was also categorized under MA-2 by Vallee.

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