Case No.3 – Washington DC 1952

Alrite, back to the main topic! The following are the details regarding the third physical evidence case reported by Vallee. Frank Edwards, a journalist reported that a metallic fragment coming from an object that fell in 1952 was examined a few years later by a Canadian researcher, Mr. Wilbert Smith. It was claimed that the fragment had been sawed off from the recovered sample, and thereby represented only one third of its volume. It was also reported that the object was over one inch in size and remarkably hard, and consisted of a matrix of magnesium orthosilicate composed of 15 microns sized particles. In an interview with two independent researchers, Smith said that a Navy pilot had been chasing a UFO when he saw a bright scintillating fragment disintegrate and fall down, leading to its recovery an hour later. The total weight of the fragment was estimated to be around 250 grams. Smith also said that he had showed the material to a certain Admiral Knowles.

Vallee adds that unfortunately there is not independent review on the analysis of the material available in literature and also that the sample is not available for further study!

The case also falls under the MA-2 category. The date of the exact event is also not available.

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