Case No.1 – Ubatuba, near Sao Paulo Brazil 1933 or 1934

Vallee reports that this case is constantly misinterpreted to have occurred in 1957, when it was actually sometime in 1933 or 1934. It was reported that a large number of witnesses at the Ubatuba beach saw a disk that plunged towards the ocea, only to emerge again to about 100 feet and exploded, showering the are with bright metallic fragments ( Even the very imagination of such an event sends chills down my spine!). A few of the fragments were collected and analyzed by Dr. Luisa Barbosa at a lab specialized in mineral processing studies. Dr. Barbosa identified that the major component of the fragment was highly pure magnesium, purer than commercially produced magnesium, but not as pure as multiply sublime magnesium.

Subsequent work under the direction of Dr. Peter Sturrock from Stanford, confirmed the Brazilian finding, along with very fine amount of minute impurities, mostly alminum, calcium and iron. At that time, it was reported that the analysis was still going on to determine the isotopic ratios, to have an idea of the origin of the object.

It is important to note, that this concurs with the report of a bolide that indeed passed over Ubatuba and crashed at a nearby beach!

This case was categorized MA2. MA stands for Maneuvers, and 2 indicates that there were physical effects! The categorization was indeed inspired by Hynek’s Close Encounters classification.

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