Case 2 – Maury Island, Washington 1947

Back to Physical Evidence Cases. The second case is related to an interesting event that happened on the afternoon of June21, 1947, close to the shore of Maury Island near Tacoma, Washington. It is interesting to note that this case happened just three days prior to the famous Kenneth Arnold sighting, that literally started the modern UFO phenomenon. A brief review of the events is as follows:

The UFO was witnessed by four people who were on a boat close to the shore of Maury Island and ever since their reports were publicized, the case has puzzled and divided researchers. For instance, if you look up the wiki entry for Maury Island Incident, you will see some info about encounter with Men in Black, and hoaxes etc. Anyway the alleged witnesses were Harold Dahl (a salvage operator), his fifteen-year old son and two crewmen. They had a dog with them. They reportedly saw a group of six large, flat doughnut-shaped objects flying at an estimated altitude of 2,000 feet. Their central holes were about 25 feet in diameter and they glistened with a gold-silvery color. One object suddenly started wobbling and dropped to an altitude of 500 feet above the boat. One of the discs came down (as if to “help” the one in difficulty, according to Dahl). A dull explosion was heard and numerous sheets of light, thin metal issued from the central opening in the troubled object. At the same time, the witnesses were showered with hot, dark fragments that resembled lava rock or slag compared to brass in color. The dog was reportedly hit by one of the fragments and died.

A man named Fred Crisman, to whom the incident was reported, allegedly went to the shore and found it littered with a glassy material and silver foil. Military authorities and the FBI, in a very confused series of investigations, attributed the case to a hoax, saying that the analysis of the samples proved that they cam from a Tacoma slag mill. But the details of that report has never been released by the FBI, assuming that the Bureau did conduct an analysis.

Ray Palmer, a popular writer published an analysis of the original fragments, whose primary constituents were calcium, iron, zinc and titanium. Also found were aluminum, manganese, copper, magnesium and silicon, nickel, lead, strontium and chromium. Traces of silver, tin and cadmium were also reported.

Vallee also adds that given the fact that it was Crisman who had actually sent the samples to Ray Palmer, and the fact that the case reared its head only after the much publicized Kenneth Arnold sighting, and also not completely dismissing the ‘Hoax scenario’, this case should be considered a weak case amongst the ten cases profiled.

It should also be noted that it was Ray Palmer who promoted Richard Sharpe Shaver’s stories as being fundamentally true and calling them ‘The Shaver Mystery‘ detailing a group of underground beings!

So Palmer, who donned the Shaver line of thinking, only changed the whole story to a UFO encounter after Kenneth Arnold’s reports!

This case should also be categorized as MA-2. Maneuver type with Physical Effects!

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