Air Guitar Special

Just something different before going back to Physical Evidence Cases. I have been an active air guitarist for a long time now. I do it every single night actually. The moment I get home, I put some heavy music on my ipod and stand before the large mirror in my bathroom and practice my skills ( oh yeah!). Once I played the entire AC/DC concert which ran to an hour and a half or so. It’s kind of getting completely immersed in the music and the experience is awesome! The reason I bring this up is because recently the National Air Guitar Championships were held in the US and it was reported rather humorously by Keith Olbermann in Countdown. He also talked about a piece written in The New York Times by a staffer who waxed nostalgic about his tryst with the air guitar in his younger days! I am embedding this funny video for your viewing pleasure rite here.

Finland has become the country to beat in air guitar. This time around too, the world championship will be held in Finland from September5 – 7, this year. A few years ago, a group of scientists even designed a special set of gloves and software that would let you create real guitar sounds depending on how you air guitar, thanx to the motion sensors in the gloves that simulate the chord strikes based on your hand and finger movement! Virtual Air Guitar comes alive! Check the following link for more details.

Virtual Air Guitar – Air Guitar Company!

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