Rare Jacques Vallee Interview!

Alrite folks, am really sorry that i couldn’t keep up with my promised heavy updates! Had some personal issues to take care of! Anyway, I have to stay up for a long time tonite, thanx to my simulations! So decided to post a very rare interview of Jacques Vallee. This 30 minute interview was conducted on March 17th, 1996 at the paranet. This is a very rare interview, and since Dr. Vallee has decided to stay out of the spotlight we never hear a lot from him about the current situation in UFOlogy. Though this one is more than 10 years old, it’s still worth a listen!

Though the interview’s main focus was his then upcoming fictional work, Fastwalkers, considerable time was spent on UFOlogy and the current state. I agree with him that the UFO phenomenon is more an Intelligence problem rather than a scientific problem! All in all it’s a fascinating interview, I promise!

I have uploaded the same rite here, and like the Trumbull County Recordings, all you need to do is right click on the link and save it locally on your computer. And then change the file extension from.jpg to .mp3


Note: Right Click and Save Locally. Change File Extension from .jpg to .mp3

But for people who find the above method complicated, you can simply download the mp3 file from usaupload.

Here is the download link.

usaupload download page

Do drop a line or two to let me know if you find my entries useful!

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