Physical Evidence Cases related to UFO Phenomenon

Just came back from work, had my dinner and thought about posting some technical papers related to physical evidence cases related to a few UFO sightings. What better time to do so, other than doin so when watching The Mothman Prophecies!

The research paper was authored by Jacques Vallee and was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 1998. It’s in portable document format. But before posting the download link, I would like to write a few words about the cases profiled in the paper, so that not so technical minded people can simply read what I have written and skip the original paper.

Ten UFO cases with material evidence were profiled, and the analysis of the material residues were presented. The distribution of natural elements were categorized under two sections, i) light materials, with high conductivity, like Aluminum, and ii) slag like materials, for instance, chemical byproducts. Vallee also mentions the fact that there were four important criteria to arrive at the conclusions. The first one, obviously being that there was great evidence of the accompanying UFO sighting, eye witness accounts etc. The next criterion is that the recovery of the physical specimen was reported appropriately and can be followed up at any level. The third one being that there is enough data to suggest that the physical specimen is directly linked to the UFO. The fourth and probably the most important on being that the analysis was performed at a reputed scientific lab and the availability of the samples for independent research if need be.

I guess I have discussed in general the background of Vallee’s publication. I will start posting about the individual cases from my next post onwards!

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