The History of Hacking Documentary

I have been a Linux user for nearly nine years now! Started out with Red Hat, and am currently a Debian power user! Since I code and do mathematical modeling all the time, I have always found it easy with Linux! So naturally, I have been extremely interested in the evolution of the Random Hacker! It’s important to note that most of the developments in Linux, and open source in general happened only due to the perseverance of a small group of hackers all over the world. Who can forget RMS, Linus in that regard! But there is always a common misconception that hackers do illegal stuff, like cracking passwords, steal sensitive info from other people’s computers and so on, but they don’t really understand that those retards are called crackers! RMS said that the one unique characteristic of hackers is ‘Playful Cleverness’.

Hence to have an understanding of the hacking phenomenon from a historical point of view, I have embedded a google video rite here. It is a Discovery Channel documentary about Hacking! Features Steve Wozniak, Kevin Mitnick, and John Draper and predates Revolution OS, another excellent Hacking documentary that profiles the rise of Linux. I will post Revolution OS in my next post!

For now, here is The History of Hacking Documentary.

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