Paracast Alert – James Fox Interview on 19th August

Shifting gears to UFOlogy now! As mentioned in my previous post about theparacast, James Fox, one of the producers of Out of the Blue – UFO Documentary is the guest on the upcoming episode coming Sunday. It sure promises to be a cracker of an interview, since James had spoken personally to a lot of people in the Military/Air Force about credible UFO sightings! The extended DVD was released just a few days back, and as Don Ecker had mentioned earlier, it seems to be mind boggling. I can’t wait to lay my hands on one when mine arrives from amazon! Other than that I just wanna hear from him about his opinion on Late Corso’s claims about Reverse Engineering from Roswell Incident! Personally, I find the whole reverse engineering thing completely laughable and even the mildest assumption is a blatant disregard for the excellent work done by scientists to advance technology! For instance, Corso claimed that IC’s were reverse engineered from the crashed UFO! Yeah! rite, try tellin that to Late Jack Kilby!

So folks, don’t miss it this Sunday! I will post the download link anyway on Monday!

2 comments on “Paracast Alert – James Fox Interview on 19th August

  1. how do you listen to this interview, what episode? What time, is this an internet interview on Sunday? How do you connect? This article does not provide that information to someone new to your URL.
    Agee with you on Corso’s claims being unsubstantiated. I think history will confirm that the pressures for America to be ahead of the Russians during the Cold War pushed technology at an extremely rapid pace. The economic incentives were there for industry and government scientists to make technological advancements such as ICs, lasers, satellite communications, etc..

  2. Sorry about that Jim. I will post the info regarding the timings of the show rite now! I always listen to it online, but i guess it is also carried live at one of the radio stations in Las Vegas. I agree it was my fault, that I didn’t post any information about the timings! Thanx for pointing that out!
    And yes, I completely concur with you on your thoughts on how technological advancements were high during the cold war era! You hit the nail on the coffin by saying it was the the Cold War that pushed technological wonders and not the ridiculous claims of Corso that reverse engineered space craft was responsible for it! The hard work and countless sleepless nights spent by great men and women are easily dismissed by him and his fans by claiming so!
    Thanx for ur visit! Stay tuned for more interesting info!

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