Balthaser and Gevaerd visit Paracast

Sorry about not having updated my blog for quite some time now folks! Damn busy with some upcoming research conferences! Since I am about two years short of completing my Doctorate, the work load is constantly on the rise!

Dennis Balthaser

A. J. Gevaerd

Anyway, coming to business, Dennis Balthaser aka Truth Seeker at Roswell, and veteran UFO invesitgator from Brazil, A. J. Gevaerd visited theparacast last nite! I haven’t listened to the interview yet, planning to do so tonite! Here is the direct download link for your convenience. Frankly though, I am kinda tired of listening to Roswell themed interviews of late! Its the same old crap of many more witnesses coming forward, and former colonels working at the base at that time seeing something extra terrestrial, and so on! Fortunately Gene said that last nite was their last show about Roswell. Next week sounds interesting though! James Fox, the producer of Out of the Blue UFO documentary is visiting theparacast and he had spoken to a lot of top brass former armed services employees, even to some top ranking Generals about the UFO phenomenon. Don Ecker recently commented that the new dvd edition of Out of the Blue is totally wicked, since there are never before seen interviews with some high profile air force officials, which indicate that the UFO phenomenon was always taken seriously amongst the Air Force Units. I just can’t wait for the next show! The second half of the show features an interview with A. J. Gevaerd, the famous Brazilian UFO researcher. Even in the 70’s, Vallee reported a string of interesting cases from Latin America, especially from Brazil. A. J has been researching this phenomenon for a long time now, and I am just curious to know what he has to say about the latest developments in Brazil.

Here is the download link of last nite’s episode!

Dennis Balthaser and A. J. Gevaerd at theparacast

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