Terence Mckenna Special!

First off, sorry about not havin uploaded Vallee’s paper on Physical evidence UFO cases! I had some net problems at home last nite and my ISP sorted out the issue only this morning after i had left! So i will upload it tonite!

Late Terence Mckenna (1946-200)

In the meantime, I just wanna post some stuff related to Terence Mckenna’s approaches towards explaining the UFO phenomenon! Mckenna is a highly regarded philosopher, writer and ethnobotanist. He has written a lot of speculative pieces on the use of psychedelic, plant based hallucinogens and is sorta like a ‘Pot God’. He has studied in detail, the concept of shamanism and has given a lot of interesting talks on subjects as varying as shamanism, evolution, human consciousness, and UFOs. I found an excellent video of his on Google Videos, where he talks about the shamanic approach to tackle the UFO phenomenon. He cites Vallee prominently in his lecture and I found his talk pretty intriguing. I always like thinkers who don’t resort to the popular nuts and bolts explanation for the UFO phenomenon (ET Hypothesis), and think of the subject that plays around with our consciousness and does the role of a control system, that is shaping human beliefs. I was particularly impressed with his notion that the trickster nature of the UFO phenomenon is actually trying to let us lose faith in science, since they exhibit behavior which cannot be explained by known scientific concepts! There are a lot of aspects discussed in this talk. Its a pity that he is no more! Anyway here is the video embed as usual!

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