UFO Physical Evidence Cases

Jacques Vallee

The Incomparable Jacques Vallee

Most often we hear the pseudo skeptics blabber that there is no definitive evidence to support the UFO phenomenon and so on. But it is ridiculous, given the fact that there are a few cases, where there are physical evidences like landing marks, radio activity etc. Jacques Vallee had profiled such cases sometime back and has also published a scientific paper on the subject. I will upload the paper tonite when i get home. I felt like talking about it because I was somewhat disappointed by Shermer’s view that eyewitness testimonies are plain wrong and they can’t be trusted, even if they are highly trained pilots. This is plain BS! True, some eye witness testimonies might have been related to a sighting truly mundane, but certainly not all of them can be counted out, especially if there is concurring physical evidence. Thats why Vallee’s paper is interesting.

But how often do we hear about such cases with physical evidence. Mostly never. Why? It’s because the pseudo UFO researchers are busy pushing cases like Roswell, exotic crash stories and focusing too much on the ET hypothesis. And the whole abduction phenomenon is another aspect that deals a severe blow to subjective study of UFOs. Anyway I will post more thoughts on this aspect from home tonite when i upload Vallee’s scientific paper

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